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Your "go to" for WHS Consulting | Auditing | Customised Safety Training | Site Docs & Safety Culture WHSMS Implementation & Rollout

A Wide Range of WHS Services and Expertise at your fingertips

Our Work Health & Safety Services include

Audits & Inspections

Internal & External Audits
WHS Compliance Audits
Site Inspections & Monitoring

Accident & Incident Investigations

Help you get to the “Root Cause” of an Incident or Accident.
You know what happened, but what led to it happening in the first place?

WHS & HSEQ Management Systems

Policies & Procedures
Reporting Processes
WHS Compliant Systems
ISO Compliant Systems

Safety Committees

Help establishing & developing your Health & Safety Committee (HSC)
Training & Support of Safety Representatives (HSRs)
Meeting Support
Election Management

Emergency Preparedness

Safety Management Plans
Fire Drills
Warden Training
Emergency Drills

Training & Mentoring

Customised Training
Online Membership
One on One Safety Coaching
Supervisor & Manager Support
Workplace Visits
Toolbox Talks

Safety Culture

Communications Training & Strategy
Mental Health & Wellness Strategy
Safety Leadership

Forms & Templates

Document Control Systems
Safety Forms & Templates
Policies & Procedures


Reviews & updates against Acts, Regulations and relevant Codes of Practice.

Our WHS services are available as “one off”, ongoing contract, “block hours” (to use as needed) or as a component of a Corporate Membership package. Let’s chat and see what the most time and cost-effective solution is for you!

The future of the safety movement is not so much dependent upon the invention of safety devices as on the improvement of methods of educating people to the ideal of caution and safety.

~ Walter Dill Scott

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