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Our payment terms are as follows:

Membership Services

All membership services are payable in advance.

Due to the digital nature of the membership, there is no refund for change of mind. We offer a “free trial” period for you to assess that the membership is suited to your needs and to request changes (custom support) where required. This is to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying for before your paid membership starts.

If you are experiencing payment difficulties please Get in Contact to request alternative payment terms. We do offer weekly and fortnightly payments or larger “bulk payments” which can be better suited to the cash flow of your business.

WHS Services

All services are invoiced per hour (plus additional costs such as licensing, accommodation & travel etc.), with invoices due within 7 days of issue.

Templates & Documentation

Standard templates that are purchased on the website are paid at the time of purchase. Due to the digital nature of the documents, refunds are not provided once downloaded. If purchased in error and no downloads have been made, then a refund can be requested and will happily be provided.

Customised documentation is developed at an hourly rate and invoiced in the same manner as the WHS Services – with payment due with 7 days of receipt.

Training Services

Accredited Training services are provided in partnership with a Registered Training Organisation. Payment is required in full before delivery and is made payable to the RTO. The final certifications will be issued from the partner RTO as the approved trainer.

Non-Accredited Training Services and Customised Training is developed by Tribal Safety Solutions. Due to the development time required, a non-refundable deposit is required upon booking with remainder due within 7 days of invoice.

Payment Types Accepted

We accept payment via each of the following methods:

  • Online (using payment links provided) or via phone (where we manually process your payment transactions)
  • Credit Card / Debit Card (SquareUp or Stripe)
  • After Pay (via SquareUp)
  • Apple Pay (via SquareUp)
  • Samsung Pay (via SquareUp)
  • Pay ID Transfer (Comm Bank)
  • Direct Bank Transfer (using invoice number) (Comm Bank)

We use Comm Bank / Net Bank, SquareUp and Stripe as our payment processing providers.

Management of Non-Payment

By purchasing any of our goods and/or services, you are seen to be in agreement with our General Payment Terms & Conditions as listed.

Failure to pay by the due date may result in:

  • Suspension of access to Membership Services (for online services)
  • Administration Fee of $15 (for administration time in re-issue of invoices)
  • Requirement for upfront payment for any future services (rather than invoiced after)
  • Referral to Debt Collection Services (with all debt collection costs transferred to you i.e. added to the total amount owed. This can include debt collector fee or % of costs, bailiff & court fees, legal fees and interest awards on amount owed or any other costs identified and approved in a court settlement.)

What to do if you are having payment difficulties!

Don’t let it get too far! Talk to us and advise of when you are paying (if paying a few days late) or ask for an alternative payment arrangement.

Please get in contact with Kate – or (0493) 044 235

We will discuss an alternative payment arrangement.

Please note: All payment arrangements that are agreed will be made in writing and must be signed by both parties (yourself and a representative from Tribal Safety Solutions) before taking effect.

When in effect, any payment arrangement will replace the original invoice date. If you abide by the payment arrangement (and communicate as required where you are 1 – 2 days late on a payment) then there is no need for a debt collector at all!

However, failure to abide by the new payment arrangement will render the payment arrangement void. This means that you still do not pay, you do not contact us regarding late payment and we cannot get a straight answer / response from you or cannot get in contact with you. When this happens, we do not keep chasing you, we refer you – to the debt collector! In this instance all copies of invoices, email communications and payment arrangement will be forwarded to the debt collector along with your contact details.

These terms and conditions regarding payment arrangements will be added to your payment agreement and signed by you before taking effect.

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